Today’s HOA meeting recap

Topics of discussion

1. St. Luke’s: DeAndre Johnson came to share St. Luke’s vision and plans for their church. Read more after the agenda outline.

2. Entrance Hazard

a. How do we catch them (ideas?). If you see an accident, report the date, time, and license plate number to the HOA ( Also, call the police to get an official report filed.

b. Randy French from Stylecraft said “no” to more reflectors. See item 6 below.

3. Appearance of the neighborhood

a. Lawns need grooming – mow & weed.  Please help keep our neighborhood looking great.

b. Things in yards, porches and driveways should be kept neat or in the garage out of sight.

c. Boats are not allowed to be kept in the subdivision, per deed restrictions.

d. Campers are not allowed to be kept in the subdivision, per deed restrictions.

e. Cars in streets cannot be kept on the street, per deed restrictions.

i. mailperson will not stop to deliver mail

ii. don’t park in front of neighbor’s mailbox

4. Parties – parking & noise level: please be considerate of your neighbors.  Informing your neighbors of the party before it happens and making sure they have your cell phone number may avoid a visit by the police.  Also, it doesn’t hurt to invite your neighbors to the party.

5. Randy French has offered to lower and cap sewer/drain access locations in the subdivisions. These access locations are 4″ PVC pipes that frequently stick out above ground level and get hit by lawnmower blades. The slip to request your drain access pipe be lowered will be online soon.

6. Architecture: Randy French still has say on architecturalmatters. These include exterior paint colors, playgrounds, sheds, etc.

7. City ordinances

a. No roaming pets. All pets must be leashed, fenced, or kept indoors.

b. Vehicles cannot be kept in the street. Occasionally parking there is fine, but street-parked cars impede traffic flow and emergency services.

8. Neighborhood Conservation Act: does not allow realtors to knowingly sell a house for rental purposes.

a. We, as a community need to decide if we want this or not. Votes must be certified coming and going.

b. Tina needs volunteers to get this going.

9. Dues: Dues will be assessed for 2008 and 2009. These should be mailed out within the next month.

10. Speeding on Kingsgate: what can we do about it?

a. Signs: “Slow, children at play”, “No Outlet”, “Dead End”, etc.

b. Lower speed limit

11. Water meters are being replaced. Don’t be alarmed if someone is digging in your yard trying to get the old one out.

12. Website: here it is!

Other notes from today’s meeting

DeAndre Johnson came to today’s HOA meeting & spoke about the current and future development plans for St. Luke’s church.  A copy of the church’s phased plans can be found here.

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
P.O. Box 1012
Bryan, TX 77806

Phone: 979-691-5400
Fax: 979-691-5477

Pastor: Rev. Jason Burnham (lives in our neighborhood)

Things to look for online soon:

  • HOA bylaws
  • Lowering and capping request for drain/sewer line access pipe

Email me or post a comment below if you would like to see pages dedicated to certain interests (ex: neighborhood watch, stay at home moms, families with infants, mechanics, bikers, retired, etc.).  This will help our community become closer as we all get to know one another.


4 thoughts on “Today’s HOA meeting recap

  1. I think our neighborhood should get together a form a neighborhood watch program. Anyone else in??

  2. Thanks for posting this Aaron!

  3. I would strongly recommend joining the Yahoo group and emailing neighbors that way instead of posting your email address in a comment. The Yahoo group is an email distribution list. Anything you send to the group will be sent to all members of the group.

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