HOA Annual Meeting Minutes – September 10, 2012

HOA Annual Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2012

Meeting began at 7:05 PM


Board members in attendance:

Kathryn B – President

Justin Malnar – Treasurer

Justin Mangham – Board Member


Kathryn B started with introductions of Board Members. She then discussed how we are using the Association Services, an HOA management company, to help maintain the HOA books, file taxes, collect assessments, send postcards and mailings, and help support the board of directors. Some additional services are available to the HOA should the HOA elect to use them such as drive-through neighborhood inspections for violations to the covenants and restrictions.

Kathryn also discussed how the HOA is continuing to use Green Teams to maintain the common areas of the neighborhood. The majority of the HOA’s expenses come from lawn maintenance. If you see any lawn maintenance issues that need to be addressed please let someone on the board know. So far Green Teams has been very quick to address any concerns we have had.

Kathryn turned the floor over to Office Mike Watson, Bryan Police Department Neighborhood Enforcement Team. (1) Officer Watson addresses the issues the HOA and neighbor hood has been having with the abandoned house on Summerwood Loop. He spoke directly with the Bank and does not anticipate any further problems. However, if something should come up please let him know ASAP. (2) Neighborhood National Night Out is Tuesday, Oct 2nd. NNO is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors. The National Night Out Kick-Off Event will take place Saturday September 15 from 10am to 2pm in the Bryan Target Parking Lot. EVERYONE is encouraged to come out. Area Police and Fire Departments will be there. For more information see the Bryan PD NNO info page. There will be many activities for the whole family, including kids finger printing, bounce houses, and some live demonstrations. (3) New Cell Phone in School Zone law is in effect. The new law is only applicable during times that the school zone lights are flashing and it is enforceable as the reason for the officer to pull a person over.

Justin Malnar gave treasurer’s report. The current checking account balance is $26,173.52 and savings balance is $602.19. Year to date we received $16,512.31 in deposits from assessments and have spent $10,811.90. He estimates the HOA will expend approximately $5,500 from September to December 2012. YTD HOA costs include landscaping, utilities, HOA management fees, and attorney charges. There are currently 5 houses that have not paid 2010-2011-2012 HOA assessments and an additional 5 not paid for 2012. This totals $3,703.93 in monies due to the HOA for assessments, collection fees, and accrued interest. Association Services will continue to send invoice to those homes that are still outstanding. The remaining 102 properties have been paid-in-full or are making monthly partial payments.

For 2012 the HOA Board of Directors lowered the annual assessments from $200 to $150. The HOA should “break even” on deposits versus expenditures for 2012. Based on this information the current BOD would recommend continuing with $150 for 2013. The new BOD will work with Association Services to send out invoices for 2013 assessments in the next couple of months. Likely this will follow the same timeline as previous years, assessments due January 1st and considered late January 31st.

Questions and Answers/Neighborhood Issues and Concerns:

Overnight Parking on the Street – Per Covenants and Restrictions (Article 16) using the street for overnight parking is prohibited.

New Development North of Oak Meadow and Autumn Lakes – Some homeowners received notices that this development was being reviewed by the City of Bryan Planning and Zoning and City Council. An emphasis was made that not all homeowners received this notice and it would be beneficial for all homeowner to share whatever information they may receive. The Yahoo Group Listserve is a great mechanism for this (THERE IS A LINK ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE PAGE TITLED “JOIN THE YAHOO GROUP). One homeowner has already expressed interest in serving as the HOA liaison on this issue. As this development moves forward the BOD will make it a priority to investigate the current status and provide timely updates to the HOA.

Elections of Officers 2012-13

HOA bylaws require a quorum of at least 51% of the homeowners to be present or represented by proxy at the annual meeting in order to conduct annual elections. However based on attendance and proxy present at the meeting, Quorum was not established.

Kathryn and Justin discussed the duties of the Architectural Control Committee and Board of Directors. HOA members present nominated volunteers for the Board of Director positions. At the conclusion of nominations, no positions were contested. All members present submitted a ballot. HOA will ask Association Services to send a mailer out to the HOA members not in attendance at the meeting. The mailer will include a ballot for those nominated for BOD and ACC positions.



Meeting Minutes for HOA Meeting, September 12

Welcome and Introductions.


President’s Report (Kathryn):

  • Discussed how we are using the Association Services to help maintain our books and help support us.
  • Discussed How the majority of our expenses come from maintaining our lawn
  • Oct 4th is National Night out. We discussed if we were going to do anything and decided that the new HOA Board would make this final decision.


Treasurer’s report:

  • Current account balance: $22,806.94 – checking, $601.52 – savings
  • Current debts paid/owed:  $3,968.14 due in outstanding HOA dues
  • Update on HOA dues:  15 houses that have not paid 2011 HOA dues, 10 are making partial payments.  We are working with Association Services to send account statements and outstanding dues notices.   Additionally we will request that Association Services, in accordance with Bylaws Articles 16.01, apply an interest rate of 1.25% per month retroactively to all balances who have not made any effort to make payment.


Dues for 2012:

Timeline for paying/sending out statements is the Fall and dues are due Jan 1, 2011


HOA Management Company Updates:

We discussed the other services that we could use for them like driving by the neighborhood. We also discussed how the board right now dictates letters that go out to homeowners. If we get an email complaint, we try to take care of it or email those to the Association Services.


Elections of Officers 2011-12:

  • Nominations of Board Members
  • Nominations for Architectural Control Committee
  • A homeowner brought up the concern that there was not a quorum to do elections. The suggestion was that we mail out ballots to get the voting done. We will work with Association Services to help us with this process.  We will also look into other voting options such as via the Oak Meadow website with a survey. 


Other Business Discussed:

  • Can we work with the church for Halloween to help prevent cars from driving through the neighborhood? Church might be doing Truck or Treat.
  • Concerns with Parking in the Streets-we discussed with Mike Watson our Police Office with the Neighborhood Enforcement Team. 
  • Concerns with Trees in the front because of the drought.

HOA Meeting Minutes – April 12, 2011

Welcome and Introduction of Board Members and Guests


Board Members in attendance:

Kathryn – President

Justin – Secretary

Aaron – Treasurer

Shane – Board Member

Justin – Board Member


HOA Guests in attendance:

Jack Gressett – Association Services

Officer Will Holt — Neighborhood Enforcement Team, Bryan PD


President’s Report: 

Kathryn introduced Jack Gressett with Association Services.  The Oak Meadow Board of Directors has requested Association Services to provide some basic administrative services to the HOA.  These services will include maintaining a database of homeowners’ accounts, preparing annual and monthly financial reports, invoicing individual assessments, assembling Resale Certificates, preparing & filing annual income taxes and franchise taxes, receiving payments, assisting the HOA with annual budget planning, providing information as requested to title companies & owners, advising the Board as requested, and performing light secretarial duties.  The Board felt these services would provide continuity for all HOA homeowners and future members of the HOA Board.


Jack provided some background information on Association Services.  They have been offering similar services to HOAs since 2002.  They are open from 8am-5pm Monday – Friday and are located at 427 Dellwood Street in Bryan, just off Villa Maria and Texas Ave.  They will be sending a welcome letter Oak Meadow within the next week and are looking forward to working with us. 


Treasurer’s update:

Current account balance:  $28,324 – checking, $601 – savings


Current debts paid/owed:  $5,960 due in outstanding HOA dues


Update on HOA dues 2010 and 2011:  Of the 113 properties, For 2010 – 4 owe outstanding dues and fees, For 2011 – 17 have not made payment, 18 have made partial payment, and 78 are paid in full. 


Board’s Plan for Non-payment of Dues/Liens:  For those homeowners that have not paid their 2010 dues the Board will request Association Service initiate the lien process for these 4 properties.  The Board will also initiate the lien process for those homeowners that have not paid their 2011 dues by May 1st


HOA lawn and landscaping services provided by Green Teams is still the largest HOA expense, roughly $8,000 per year.  The services cost the HOA approximately $600/month plus $400-500 two to three times a year for the flowers at the front entrance.  Additionally Green Teams performs maintenance on our sprinkler system as needed. 


Neighborhood BBQ:

Oak Meadow’s 3rd Neighborhood BBQ was held on Saturday, April 9th.  The weather was windy but great and all those that attended seemed to have a good time. 


Violations /Q&A/Other HOA Issues:

Kathryn discussed what the most common complaints from homeowners are; Lawns, cars in front of mailboxes, not picking up lawn clippings, boats and trailers, and materials in front yards/driveways.

Jack Gressett answered questions regarding the services and costs of Association Services.


Officer Holt answered a few traffic related questions – One specifically about installing Stop signs at intersections in the neighborhood.  The HOA can submit a request to the City of Bryan Transportation Department to request signs if they are necessary. 

Meeting Minutes for HOA Meeting, September 13

Upcoming Events for the HOA:

National Night Out (HOA will bring the meat, neighbors bring the sides), 7PM on Tuesday, October 5th at the end of Kingsgate.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors (come offer physically taxing jobs to neighborhood kids, small jobs to handymen, etc, for FREE), 9AM on Saturday, October 9th, corner of Kingsgate and Barronwood.

HOA Meeting Minutes

HOA Meeting 09/13/10

Meeting began at 6:41PM

Board members in attendance:

Kathryn B – President

Heather F – Secretary

Lisa N – Vice President

David K – Treasurer

Terry L – Board Member

Doug H – Board Member

Aaron P – Board Member

Kathryn B started with introductions of Board Members.  Mentioned the Yahoo User Group.  Encouraging homeowners to join the group to help cut down cost of sending out communications to neighborhood.

David K gave treasurer’s report.  The current checking account balance is $20907.69 and savings balance is $600.62.  Year to date we have spent $7679.71.  These costs include landscaping and electricity.  There are currently 10 houses that have not paid 2010 HOA dues.  This totals $3167.46 in monies not received or pending receipt for those set up on monthly payments.  Sent out 11 letters in August to those homes that are still outstanding, letting them know that liens would be placed on homes if no payment received.  Have received about 6 of those letters back as either not claimed or refused.

Kathryn brought up starting a Neighborhood Watch program.  We would need to have a street captain designated for each street in order to begin.  This allows the City of Bryan a point of contact.  There is a $35 a fee to have a Neighborhood Watch sign posted in neighborhood.  Officer William Holt discussed that it would not be a labor or time intensive job to be a street captain.  This would be a proactive measure to help prevent crime.  We can order as many signs as we want.  Officer Holt indicated that its important to know your neighbors so that you can know when someone is in your neighborhood that doesn’t belong there.  He wants people to call the Bryan PD if anyone looks suspicious or out of place in our neighborhood.  A crime does not have to occur in order for the police to come out and take a look at the situation.  Officer Holt indicated there is currently something being proposed with the city to stop solicitation in neighborhoods and if passed, no solicitation would be allowed and it would be a city ordinance.

Kathryn brought up National Night Out.  This takes place October 5, 2010 and is an opportunity to get to know your neighbors.  We will need to register through the City of Bryan if we want to participate and have city officials come out to visit.  There is no cost to register.  Kathryn asked neighbors for ideas and suggestions for National Night Out.  Officer Holt indicated that some neighborhoods will have one or two homes set up as a base and have people come and go throughout the evening.  Aaron P brought up having the HOA buy the meat and neighbors bring the sides.  7:00 was agreed that would be the best time to have this event.

Kathryn brought up the idea of Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  Lisa N discussed that the idea came from the fact that some people may not know how to fix something or may need some assistance with a task and it gives us an opportunity to know our neighbors.  This event will take place Saturday, October 9 at 9:00 am with a rain date of October 16.  Neighbors will meet at the end of Kingsgate and Barronwood.

Kathryn discussed what the most common complaints from homeowners are.  Lawns, cars in front of mailboxes, not picking up lawn clippings, boats and trailers, and materials in front yards/driveways.

Kathryn discussed the purpose and need of the Architectural Committee.  If changes to the outside of the house need to be made, these changes must be brought to the Architectural committee for approval.  We do not need to re-elect if someone on the Committee would like to stay on board.  We must re-elect president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and board members.  David indicated that president, secretary, and treasurer are the three positions that must be filled. Kathryn passed out ballots and copies of the bylaws that indicate requirements for running for a position on the board.  David asked if there were any current members that would like to stay on the board in the same position or different position.  Kathryn and Lisa indicated they would not mind staying on the board in any capacity.  Aaron then asked the homeowners if any of them would like to be considered for a position.

Unanimous decisions were made to elect the following people into offices:

President – Kathryn Ballard

Vice President – Lisa N

Secretary – Justin M

Treasurer – Aaron P

Board Member – Justin M

Board Member – Shane B

Board Member – David K

Meeting adjourned at 7:30.

HOA Meeting Minutes from May 4, 2010

Meeting began at 6:32

Board members in attendance:

Kathryn B – President

Heather P – Secretary

Terry L – Board Member

Doug H – Board Member

Board members not in attendance:

Lisa N – Vice President

David K – Treasurer

Daniel M – Board Member

Kathryn B discussed history of HOA Board and what current board has been focusing on to better neighborhood.  Discussed that all meeting minutes are posted on website and that board can be contacted by emailing directors@oakmeadow.cc.  Current HOA dues are $200 per year.  We are trying to establish base amount in bank account to cover necessary costs of maintaining common areas.  May look at lowering annual dues after this base amount is achieved.  Kathryn discussed lack of history of financial records for neighborhood and then went over financial information from 2009 that we did have as well as future/current expenses for 2010.  Of the 113 properties in our neighborhood, 13 homes have not paid dues for 2010 and 16 homes are currently on monthly payment plans.

Homeowner asked why BTU bill is so much less per month than it was in 2009.  Kathryn believes this was due to the sprinkler system not being maintained previously and sprinklers were leaking water.

Doug H discussed how the board came to the decision of hiring Green Teams as our new lawn care company.  We got multiple bids and Green Teams was the lower of the bids and offered more services.  Turf Tech also did not want to continue services with our neighborhood.  Kathryn discussed that we added flowers and mulch to the bid from Green Teams that we received.

Homeowner asked if Green Teams will treat ant beds.  Kathryn indicated that it does.  Doug also added that tree trimming of the trees along the sidewalk at entryway is also included in the bid that we received.  Another homeowner asked about dead shrub in entryway.  Green Teams has trimmed down dead portion and has a large shrub on order, but has had a hard time getting someone to deliver one shrub.  We should have a shrub delivered in the next week.

Kathryn discussed what the plan is for those homes that have not paid dues for 2010.  The board is looking at what next step is.  Have sent multiple letters to these homeowners and have charged late fees.  Kathryn reminded that we allow monthly payments for HOA dues.

Kathryn discussed neighborhood Spring Fling that took place on April 10, 2010.  We used HOA funds to purchase food at Sam’s Club and encouraged neighbors to bring chips and extras.  Invited neighborhood fire department and they showed up.  Donated left over food items to neighborhood fire department.  Kathryn stored left over paper goods for next event the neighborhood has.

Architectural committee needs to be established now that 103rd home has been built and the control is no longer with Randy French.  Since one has not been established the HOA Board has been serving as this.  The architectural committee must consist of HOA President and three other homeowners.  Kathryn asked those in attendance if anyone is interested in volunteering.  Homeowners Jason Norris, Justin Malnar, Kerry Liner, and Ivan Ballard volunteered to serve on the architectural committee.  Doug moved that we proceed with these nominations.  Heather P seconded this motion.  None opposed.

One of the current board members is resigning due to the sale of his house.  Homeowners Aaron Palermo and Justin Mangum nominated themselves for this position.  Homeowners in attendance wrote their vote on a piece of paper.  Lisa N tallied votes and Aaron Palermo received the most votes and was named new HOA Board Member.

Discussed that some of the neighborhood fences are falling down and need to be fixed.  Doug discussed that most of the emails we receive from neighbors are concerning yards and appearance of lots in neighborhood.  Board has currently not sent out letter addressing these issues, but Kathryn has called homeowners and discussed concerns of other neighbors.

Homeowner asked if it was possible to get a NO OUTLET sign on Muirwood Court.  Kathryn indicated that the board would look into it.  Same homeowner discussed that snakes have been seen in neighborhood.

Kathryn indicated that the board is looking into covers for the street lights to make them less bright and to shine less into peoples’ homes.  Terry reminded everyone that there is a speed limit of 30 MPH in the neighborhood.

Ronnie Jackson, Director of Neighborhood Services for the City of Bryan got up and spoke about what his organization does.  The goal of the program was to support the integrity of neighborhoods in Bryan.  Will help neighborhoods meet goals of the neighborhood.  Will help with enforcing city ordinances, but cannot help enforce deed restrictions.  Association has a matching grant program.  City will match dollar for dollar up to $5000 to help projects that will improve common areas.  All of these must be approved by site review committee to determine what inspections and/or permits are needed to begin project.  Oak Meadow is currently registered with the program under the previous board.  Kathryn will update the registration information with the city.

Officer Will Holt was in attendance to discuss what he can do to help us with a neighborhood watch.  He can get us neighborhood watch signs and can get our neighborhood watch registered.  Indicated it doesn’t require a bunch of meetings or a lot of work.  Just requires you to get to know your neighbors.  Keeping the appearance of the neighborhood up will help keep criminals away from neighborhood.  Officer Holt indicated that his job is to serve as our liaison between the city and police department if we have a repetitive problem, concern, or question.  Officer Holt indicated the importance of people subscribing to the HOA Yahoo Group.  This allows neighbors to communicate easily with each other.  He also indicated that he would like to be a part of the group so that he can notify us if he knows of anything going on in our area.  Discussed the importance of enforcing deed restrictions fairly and consistently.  Passed out inventory sheets.  These allow homeowners to write down serial numbers and distinguishing characteristics of valuables in your home.  This helps the police return stolen goods.  October 5, 2010 is National Night Out.  The neighborhood can register for this through the city.  An officer will come out to our neighborhood for this event if we regsiter.

Meeting adjourned at 7:54.