Bryan City Council Meeting – Tuesday May 15, 2012 at 6:00pm

The Oak Meadow Board of Directors (BOD) has recently become aware of a major construction project that will greatly affect our neighborhood.  There are plans to build a new residential subdivision with over 600-700 houses generally located north of the Oak Meadow and Autumn Lake Subdivisions and along the west side of Chick Lane between West Villa Maria Road and Leonard Road.

On Tuesday May 15, 2012 the Bryan City Council will meet to vote on the developer requested re-zoning plan with exceptions/variances to the ordinary residential subdivsion standards.

One of the BOD has been in contact with the city engineer.  The plan for the subdivision and growth has been there since Oak Meadow was built (that’s the reason Kingsgate Drive continues up to the county line; it was always going to continue into the future subdivision).  What the vote is about is not the building of the subdivision, but the fact that the builder wants a variance to build the homes closer together.  The city is not annexing the property to build, but rather the owner is asking the city to annex the property so the builder can build the subdivision.  There will be two ways in and out, one through Autumn Lakes and one through Oak Meadow.  Also, the builder has to pay for half of the improvements on Chick Lane which will then (probably but not set in stone) also tie in.  The first few phases will be built behind Autumn Lakes off of their main street.  Once there are a certain number of homes, they will then build a few off of Kingsgate (because the city requires two entrances/exits at a certain number of homes) and then continue with the phases off of Autumn Lakes.   The ones most affected in Oak Meadow will be the ones whose drive faces Kingsgate as this could mean many more vehicles traveling through our neighborhood everyday.

Here is the link the City Council Agenda item for complete information:

Autumn Lakes BOD has been circulating a petion requesting the the City Council not allow the exceptions/variance to the ordinary residential subdivsion standards and that the developer make additional road improvements, beyond those outlined in their plan, providing more possible entrances/exits to the new subdivision and thus possibly reducing the traffic through our neighborhoods.

The only chance we have to make an impression is at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 15th at 6:00 PM.  We need as many people as possible from our neighborhood to show up and let the city know our concerns.



Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 04, 2012 at 6:30 PM

Notified Residents via website and Yahoo Groups email – Sunday April 01, 2012

Attendance: Justin Malnar, Justin Mangham, Shane Bush, Jack Gresset, Ivan Ballard and Kathryn Ballard

Meeting Minutes:

New Development

We discussed the potential new development of a 700 residential lot subdivision that the the developer has asked the City of Bryan to annex.  The development is to the property immediately to the north of Oak Meadow and is going to connect to West Villa Maria via Kingsgate, the main street of Oak Meadow. Detailed information on the development came be found on the City’s website at:

We will also include this information in our next newsletter/mail out, as we are not sure all the homeowners are aware of this development. How will this impact our HOA since this new neighborhood will connect to Kingsgate? What is the name of this new neighborhood?  Shane will send a email to the City to request additional information.  

1704 Summerwood Loop

House is vacant, Up for foreclosure auction on May 1st, HOA and Association Services has received a few complaints from homeowners.  The yard needs immediate attention.The HOA Board of Directors reported the overgrown yard to the City code enforcement on March 18h. The City was supposed to place the yard on the City’s mow list either Monday or Tuesday of this week (April 2-3).  However it could be up to 10 days before the City’s contractor comes out to cut the lawn. As of today (April 4th) nothing has been done yet.  Staff at Association Services has also contacted the City about this issue. Kathryn will contact Green Teams and ask for a quote with a separate invoice for this property to be mowed. If the cost is excessive, then the HOA will request a quote from someone else. If Green Teams does not respond immediately, the Board  voted to go with the person that could do this the quickest because of the long Easter weekend.  HOA board also wants to look into another resource to establish a relationship with a person to keep on hand for future cutting. The board voted unanimously to approve HOA covering the cost and billing 1704 Summerwood Loop realizing that because of the billing history and pending foreclosure auction the HOA might never be reimbursed for this expense.

Update – On Thursday April 5th, Mole’s Lawn Care Service edged and mowed the front and back yard and trimmed the bushes. Association Service will apply the invoice to this properties account. 

Associations Services

Jack with Association Services discussed the updates to the statues in the Texas Residential Property Owners Protection Act.  The HOA must meet with Attorney to bring our C&Rs/Bylaws into compliance and file a document with the county clerk’s office the that states our policies are in alignment with the new statutes. Jack has approached 3 attorneys for us to consider assisting in preparing documents for the filing so that the Oak Meadow HOA can adhere to new HOA rulings.

The Board reviewed the information and three attorney options and costs included in Jack Gressett’s email to Justin dated March 23, 2012. Based on the information presented, the Board voted to engage Attorney Marc Markel with Roberts Markel Weinberg PC Firm out of Houston, Texas at a flat rate of $1,000 plus filing charges.  This firm has provided community association and related representation for more than 30 years and is board certified in both residential and commercial real estate by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Jack will follow up with the attorney as to our next steps to update the bylaws, etc. and set new policies in order to match the new guidelines.

Update – On Monday, April 9th Roberts Markel Weinberg sent a letter of engagement, via Jack at Association Service, for the HOA to review and sign.

Update on HOA Financials – Account Balances, Past Due Assessments, etc.

We reviewed the Treasure’s report dated April 4, 2012.

Account Balances (as of 4/4/12):  Checking – $30,795.11, Savings – $601.94

Average Monthly HOA expenses:  Green Teams – $599.71 – for landscape maintenance; Association Services – $170-$200 per month; BTU – $32 (Feb, Mar, April), $215 (Dec, Jan), $500-600 (July, Aug, Sept, Oct) average per month. 

Annual Assessments (as of 3/30/12): 

5 properties have overdue annual assessments for 2010, 2011 and/or 2012, 13 with no payments made for 2012, and 10 have made partial payments.  Total outstanding assessments = $5,642.48. 

Board will request that Association Services send everyone that owes a balance a new account statement.

HOA Lawn issues — Erosion on Villa Maria, Dead Tree near entrance

There are a few dead trees in the front entryway that were discussed. Shane will talk to St. Luke’s church about the ones on their property and then the HOA Board will revisit this issue. We will consider sharing costs with the church on our part of the property. We also discussed the dead tree on Kingsgate Drive.  Kathryn shared email from July 2010 addressing this issue. The HOA Board and Architectural Control Committee had previously approved the homeowner’s request to remove the tree.  The Board will needed to verify if this was the same tree and same address and will follow up with the homeowner to see how they want to proceed. 

As far as erosion is concerned, the last email from Green Teams on possible solutions:

The slope along Villa Maria has not had good turf coverage for a long time.  There are several options but how it is approached is largely due to just how much you want to spend addressing the problem.  Ideally, to obtain the best possible results, it would probably involve cultivating the existing hard packed clay, adding topsoil, finish grading and then sodding with solid sod.  Moving downward from that option which would clearly be the most expensive, you could go a lot of directions.  Other options might include using some type of erosion control fabric or hydroseeding as part of the solution.  One thing to help recommend a course of action would be to determine what is the final look you desire.  If you are looking for a finished looking lawn, such as across the street at the Traditions entry area, it will require a more intensive solution.  If you area simply trying to stop erosion and keep it green, it could be something less.”

Before the Board takes further action, Shane will check with the City to see what can be done with the erosion or determine if this is HOA’s responsibility. 

Board approved Green Teams planting Spring/Summer flowers at the Oak Meadow entryway. 

Other HOA C&R violations — yards, xmas lights, etc.

We will ask the Attorney to consult with us about some compliance issues with violations. As part of the services they provide, Association Services can do a drive by and take photos of violations at a charge of 55 cents per house (112 properties in Oak Meadow).  They typically do this twice a month for the other associations they work with. The Board also reviewed one homeowner’s long list of yard concerns. At least two Board members will  walk the neighborhood once a week and email Association Services details of violations with photos. Association Services will follow up with reminder letter to homeowners.   

The Board also discussed establishing a Yard-of-the-Month award as positive reinforcement for those homeowner making extra effort to help keep our neighborhood beautiful.  We will create 2 Yard-of-the-Month signs and place the signs the first week of each month.  Yard-of-the-Month will also be posted on the Oak Meadow website.  A list of all the Yard-of-the-Month winners will be placed into a drawing for a gift certificate at our annual September HOA meeting.


HOA Board will draft, collect, and compile information for a Spring/Summer Newsletter.  The goal is to send out the newsletter by May 1st.  Board will send information/text for articles to Justin to pass along to the Association Services by Monday, April 16th. Association services will help us format and provide some content for the newsletter. We would like to have this mailed out by May 1st.

Article Ideas: Lawns and Landscaping, Yard of the Month, Participating in HOA, Joining the Yahoo Group, Website, Social with BBQ and sides and new construction with Kingsgate. If you have any specific issues you would like addressed in the Newsletter please let send a email to the Directors at

Discuss vacant director positions

Based on the advise of Association Services and considering the pending legal council on the recent revisions to the Texas Residential Property Owners Protection Act, the HOA board can’t formally fill vacant director positions.  Before the Board takes further action we will seek legal council to be sure we are in compliance with the new laws.  However, the Board will accept help from anyone willing to take on a specific task or opportunity.  Please let us know if you would like to volunteer.  The HOA will wait until our September meeting to formally get the votes needed to elect board members for all positions.

Meeting concluded at approximately 8:45pm. 

Please email the Board if you have any questions or concerns ( 

Oak Meadow Board of Directors Meeting – Announcement

Oak Meadow Board of Directors will meet at 6:30pm Wednesday, April 4th.  The meeting is open to all members, but because space is limited please RSPV to by 6:00 pm Tuesday April 3rd.

Agenda Items Include:

  • 1704 Summerwood Loop – House is vacant, Up for auction May 1st, yard needs immediate attention.  Reported to City on 3/18.
  • Associations Services – New Texas HOA Leg Requirements and meeting with Attorney to bring our C&Rs/Bylaws into compliance
  • Planning for Spring Meeting/Social
  • Newsletter
  • Discuss vacant director positions — Vice Pres, Secretary, maybe Board Member(?) — If you are interested in serving in one of these roles, please let us know.
  • Update on Financials – Account Balances, Past Due Assessments, etc.
  • HOA Lawn issues — Erosion on Villa Maria, Dead Tree near entrance
  • Other HOA C&R violations — yards, xmas lights, parking

Meeting Minutes for HOA Meeting, September 12

Welcome and Introductions.


President’s Report (Kathryn):

  • Discussed how we are using the Association Services to help maintain our books and help support us.
  • Discussed How the majority of our expenses come from maintaining our lawn
  • Oct 4th is National Night out. We discussed if we were going to do anything and decided that the new HOA Board would make this final decision.


Treasurer’s report:

  • Current account balance: $22,806.94 – checking, $601.52 – savings
  • Current debts paid/owed:  $3,968.14 due in outstanding HOA dues
  • Update on HOA dues:  15 houses that have not paid 2011 HOA dues, 10 are making partial payments.  We are working with Association Services to send account statements and outstanding dues notices.   Additionally we will request that Association Services, in accordance with Bylaws Articles 16.01, apply an interest rate of 1.25% per month retroactively to all balances who have not made any effort to make payment.


Dues for 2012:

Timeline for paying/sending out statements is the Fall and dues are due Jan 1, 2011


HOA Management Company Updates:

We discussed the other services that we could use for them like driving by the neighborhood. We also discussed how the board right now dictates letters that go out to homeowners. If we get an email complaint, we try to take care of it or email those to the Association Services.


Elections of Officers 2011-12:

  • Nominations of Board Members
  • Nominations for Architectural Control Committee
  • A homeowner brought up the concern that there was not a quorum to do elections. The suggestion was that we mail out ballots to get the voting done. We will work with Association Services to help us with this process.  We will also look into other voting options such as via the Oak Meadow website with a survey. 


Other Business Discussed:

  • Can we work with the church for Halloween to help prevent cars from driving through the neighborhood? Church might be doing Truck or Treat.
  • Concerns with Parking in the Streets-we discussed with Mike Watson our Police Office with the Neighborhood Enforcement Team. 
  • Concerns with Trees in the front because of the drought.

Board Meeting Minutes from August 28, 2011

Members in attendance:
Kathryn – President
Justin Malnar – Secretary/ Treasurer
Shane B – Board Member
Justin Mangham – Board Member


Also in attendance:

Ivan B


Treasurer’s update:

Current account balance:  $22,806.94 – checking, $601.52 – savings

Current debts paid/owed:  $3,968.14 due in outstanding HOA dues, largest expense remains lawn service. 


Update on HOA dues 2010 and 2011 — Of the 112 properties:

For 2010 – 4 still owe outstanding dues and fees

For 2011 – 15 have not made payment at all, 10 have made partial payment      


Dues for 2012: 

$150 assessment (same as 2011).  The Treasurer will work with Association Services to send the 2012 invoices to homeowners.  Should follow approximately the same timeline as 2011, with invoices mailed by mid-October and will be due January 1, 2012.


Treasurer/Secretary gave update on transitioning duties from previous Treasurer and working with Association Services.  Justin will follow up with Association Services on an action plan outstanding HOA dues.  


Annual Meeting Preparation:

Per the bylaws the meeting has to be the second Monday of September at 7pm – Sept 12th


Shane has reserved meeting space at St. Luke’s for the annual meeting.  Shane will also ask the new Bryan PD NET Office to attend meeting.


Justin Malnar will work with Association Services to send a post card to all homeowners with meeting announcement.  He will also purchase some coroplast signs with meeting information to place near the entrance of the subdivision.  


Annual Meeting Agenda items will include:  Election of Board Members, Elections for Architectural Committee members, Introduction of new NET Officer, and other HOA issues.


Violations /Q&A/Other HOA Issues:

Board discussed possible solutions to outstanding HOA violations such as yards and parking.  Board will request BPD traffic officers to come take a look at parking issues and restrict accessibility to some streets.

HOA Meeting Minutes – April 12, 2011

Welcome and Introduction of Board Members and Guests


Board Members in attendance:

Kathryn – President

Justin – Secretary

Aaron – Treasurer

Shane – Board Member

Justin – Board Member


HOA Guests in attendance:

Jack Gressett – Association Services

Officer Will Holt — Neighborhood Enforcement Team, Bryan PD


President’s Report: 

Kathryn introduced Jack Gressett with Association Services.  The Oak Meadow Board of Directors has requested Association Services to provide some basic administrative services to the HOA.  These services will include maintaining a database of homeowners’ accounts, preparing annual and monthly financial reports, invoicing individual assessments, assembling Resale Certificates, preparing & filing annual income taxes and franchise taxes, receiving payments, assisting the HOA with annual budget planning, providing information as requested to title companies & owners, advising the Board as requested, and performing light secretarial duties.  The Board felt these services would provide continuity for all HOA homeowners and future members of the HOA Board.


Jack provided some background information on Association Services.  They have been offering similar services to HOAs since 2002.  They are open from 8am-5pm Monday – Friday and are located at 427 Dellwood Street in Bryan, just off Villa Maria and Texas Ave.  They will be sending a welcome letter Oak Meadow within the next week and are looking forward to working with us. 


Treasurer’s update:

Current account balance:  $28,324 – checking, $601 – savings


Current debts paid/owed:  $5,960 due in outstanding HOA dues


Update on HOA dues 2010 and 2011:  Of the 113 properties, For 2010 – 4 owe outstanding dues and fees, For 2011 – 17 have not made payment, 18 have made partial payment, and 78 are paid in full. 


Board’s Plan for Non-payment of Dues/Liens:  For those homeowners that have not paid their 2010 dues the Board will request Association Service initiate the lien process for these 4 properties.  The Board will also initiate the lien process for those homeowners that have not paid their 2011 dues by May 1st


HOA lawn and landscaping services provided by Green Teams is still the largest HOA expense, roughly $8,000 per year.  The services cost the HOA approximately $600/month plus $400-500 two to three times a year for the flowers at the front entrance.  Additionally Green Teams performs maintenance on our sprinkler system as needed. 


Neighborhood BBQ:

Oak Meadow’s 3rd Neighborhood BBQ was held on Saturday, April 9th.  The weather was windy but great and all those that attended seemed to have a good time. 


Violations /Q&A/Other HOA Issues:

Kathryn discussed what the most common complaints from homeowners are; Lawns, cars in front of mailboxes, not picking up lawn clippings, boats and trailers, and materials in front yards/driveways.

Jack Gressett answered questions regarding the services and costs of Association Services.


Officer Holt answered a few traffic related questions – One specifically about installing Stop signs at intersections in the neighborhood.  The HOA can submit a request to the City of Bryan Transportation Department to request signs if they are necessary.